Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heading to Minnesota - with a stop along the way...

With a workshop scheduled through the Minnesota Weaver's Guild Friday - thru Sunday, we decided to leave a day early and make a few stops along the way. First Stop - Roberts WI - the Color Crossing. I had never been there before but had the web address favorited in my browser. Jim asked for an address but I told him we would just know when we were there. He didn't question my directions and he found the building quite easily!

With a view like that from the outside - I knew we were in store for wonderful treat on the inside, and dissapointed we were not! I always feel like a dork taking photos - but always love to share my fiber finds with others - so I asked an employee if she would mind. She introduced me to the owner, Patty who said by all means take photos! The awesome thing than was, that she asked if we would like a tour of the building. Not knowing what to expect - I was overwhelmed by what was in there, to say the least.

The first room that you enter is the knitting yarns, supplies, books and gathering table with wonderfully friendly knitters to boot.

But then you turn the corner and the weaving room was what greeted us next.
At this point - I realized why the word color was in the name of the business!

There were spinning wheels, floor, table and rigid heddle looms of many brands, but also the warping boards and mills, shuttles, winders, dvd's - oh and do you need some weaving yarn? I think she may have what you are looking for!
And around another corner we went - and that's when my jaw dropped. Before us was the Artist's Studio area. Patty explained to us that the area were were entering was rented out by the area artists as their studio working area.
So you rent a space - bring your loom here to live - and create wonderful works of fibery art with others having the same interests. Now how cool is that!

So - I honestly have to say - that if you are in Wisconsin - this is a must stop place to go - there just isn't anything like this anywhere else in the state. I actually had goosebumps as I walked through her shop.

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