Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Next stop - find the Textile Building for Friday

The Minnesota Weaver's Guild is located in the Textile Center on University Ave SE.
We decided finding the location of the building will eliminate any stress in the am.

What we were unaware of was the Textile Center was having a Garage Sale on Saturday - and members were in the preparation stages of setting it up. OMG - I have never seen anything like this. And the things just kept arriving - all of the items for sale were donated by the members for a fund raiser.
This is just one angle of the cafeteria - showing the fabric for sale.
Then there was the library with books and magazines for sale.
Equipment for sale lined the hallways - with more being added constantly.
And finally we found our way into the guild store just to say hi and take a look at what was happening in there.

Here are 2 of the rooms filled with looms for the members use.
Checked into the hotel - then Ikea to purchase 2 sheep skins for loom benches in the studio - supper, a couple of Coronas and then to sleep. What a great day!

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