Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woven Pixel Techniques for Dobby Looms - AKA: You'll be Brain Dead by Sunday!

And this is why we drove to Minneapolis:

ass description:

Woven Pixel Techniques for Dobby Looms
with Alice Schlein
Lift plans will be suitable for straight threadings on 8 or more shafts (16 or more preferred), for networked threadings, or for advancing threadings which conform to networks. Lift plans may also be used on table looms. Participants will learn how to construct and store their own libraries of weave structures, use the many tools and filters in Photoshop to make their own designs, break down the designs into layers and apply the structures, and prepare weave-ready files which may be easily transferred into their weaving program and loom driver of choice. This is a computer-only workshop. No weaving will be done in class. Students must bring their own laptop computers (Mac or Windows) with a weaving program and Adobe Photoshop already loaded. 

Alice brought awesome samples of her work

By Sunday we were all a little blurry eyed and brain dead. This was my first time attending a workshop with this guild - what a friendly and knowledgeable group of friends I have made! Thank you to all.

I did treat myself to both of Alice's books.

Now to begin designing for my 16 and 32 harness looms.

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