Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dosie Doe Your Partner (moving equipment one last time)

Once again - the looms did a bit of moving around to find their final homes in the studio. With the addition of the HD Rug Loom - every loom had to suck it in a bit so that there was a comfortable working distance around each of them. As Jim and I were lifting these monsters - I promised that at least for now - the studio is done, with no foreseen additions to come.

Both AVL Looms - both 40" weaving width and 16 Harness. One is a mechanical dobby and the other a compudobby 2.

The Louet Megado - a 32 harness - 51" weaving width, electronic interfaced loom.
(Left) Kessenich 42" weaving width - 8 harness jack loom.
(Right) Louet Delta - 12 Harness - 51" weaving width parallel countermarche loom.
And the monster that recently moved in:
Harrisville Designs Rug Loom - 45" weaving width, 4 harness with shaft switching device - countermarch.
Hmmm - I guess the spinning stuff had to move also!
Lendrum DT Wheel and Roberta Electric Spinner.
Yep - the knitting machines had to move also - Here is the Brother Bulky Electronic machine and ribber. The Silver Reed is still looking for a home along with the sock machines!
Jaimie if you are out there reading this, your loom is just a little bit to the right of this photo!
I'm happy to report that the sewing side of the studio has remained the same - no need for update photos!

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