Thursday, May 6, 2010

Threading the Harrisville Rug Loom

Wow - this was a totally new experience for me. Threading the shaft switching device was more intimidating in my brain than it actually was, once I started threading it.
Go figure!

For the last couple of days I'd sit and read Rug Weaving Techniques - Beyond the Basics, the H.D. loom manual, notes from an old J.C. class I took almost 10 years ago - when my eyes became blurry - I'd then watch the HD Rug Loom Video and the Jason Collingwood video. By last night I was more confused than ever. So today I just said - screw it - and walked out to the studio and began threading it. It was so easy! What I was expecting, I don't know - but I'm sure there will be a few more of the scary new loom moments to come!

This loom is so much deeper than my others - that when the beater and breast beam were removed and the bench lowered - I was able to stand inside the loom and threaded it it standing up. That was pretty cool - less back strain also.

This is a close up of the shaft switching device . Harness 1 and 4 are switched by flipping the leavers that you see in the top photo. The warp is actually not threaded in a heddle eye on harnesses 1 and 4 , but the eye, in the center of the texsolv cord that runs through the eye of both harness 1 and 4.
Make sense? We'll see what happens once I begin weaving!

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