Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storm clouds are abundant lately!

Almost everyday one can see such beautiful cloud formations. Unfortunately heavy rains come along with them! Click on photos to enlarge.

It's like the Yarn Fairy flew over the studio and crapped a yarn load!

That's the only way I can describe how overwhelming the weaving yarns look in the studio.

Click on the photos to get a better perspective !
This is row one - which contain 7 yarn trees filled with (going from back to front) wool, silk, rayon boucle, 3/2 and the beginning of 5/2 cotton.
Row 2 (going from front to back) is the 2nd tree of 5/2 cotton, 2 trees of 10/2, a tree with 12/2, 16/2 and 20/2, a tree with novelty cottons, a tree with chenille and 2 trees with 8/2 cottons.
It took days of organizing the yarns and a new tree order went in yesterday for 3 more, to hold the machine knitting yarns (that I had to steal to complete this) in the storage room.
I don't think I'll need to order any yarn for at least a few months!
I can only imagine when they have my "dead lady sale", what people will say as they wander in the studio with their mouths agape!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wool Crepe and Rayon Boucle - Oh my!

Click on photo for an enlarged view.
And now the wool crepe (2 right rows) and rayon boucle (everything between the table legs) come out of the bags and get inventoried! Does anyone out there have some ideas as to what I could be weaving with these?

This is a continuation from the yarn sale I went to.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Following up from yesterday...

Today, I pulled the chenille out of the bags to see exactly what I brought home. this photo is showing 120 cones of chenille.

The cotton is somewhat organized - awaiting the arrival of the 7 yarn trees. (I ordered another one while writing out the check this am)
I'm not sure how much chenille is enough - but I'm pretty sure I've hit that mark!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jim, I found a great yarn sale - could you hook up the trailer....

We left the house at 5:00am this morning and returned home at 6pm. We worked in the studio until 8:30 pm when we finally got blurry eyed and gave up!

So, this was the first time we ever used a trailer to haul yarn home. Granted we had a pickup truck pretty jammed full when we went to Great Northern Weaving last year - but this time a truck and a trailer were filled. I also purchased some table looms and weaving equipment!
As best as we could count while bagging the yarn - I believe we have 680 cones of weaving yarns. Silk, wool, chenille and cotton filled these bags.

So this is what 375 cones of 3/2, 5/2, 8/2, 10/2, 12/2 and 20/2 cotton look like.
I had to order 6 more yarn trees which will be here hopefully next week.

We didn't even attempt the other bags of yarn tonight - we were a bit overwhelmed! I just kept saying "Holy Crap Batman" as we tried to organize the yarn into sizes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 new birds arrive at the Studio

I picked these guys up when working in Eagle River over the holiday weekend. As the breeze blows - they rock back and forth -
There is one size bigger - over 7" tall - I'm still tempted..... but a trailer is needed to transport him.