Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's like the Yarn Fairy flew over the studio and crapped a yarn load!

That's the only way I can describe how overwhelming the weaving yarns look in the studio.

Click on the photos to get a better perspective !
This is row one - which contain 7 yarn trees filled with (going from back to front) wool, silk, rayon boucle, 3/2 and the beginning of 5/2 cotton.
Row 2 (going from front to back) is the 2nd tree of 5/2 cotton, 2 trees of 10/2, a tree with 12/2, 16/2 and 20/2, a tree with novelty cottons, a tree with chenille and 2 trees with 8/2 cottons.
It took days of organizing the yarns and a new tree order went in yesterday for 3 more, to hold the machine knitting yarns (that I had to steal to complete this) in the storage room.
I don't think I'll need to order any yarn for at least a few months!
I can only imagine when they have my "dead lady sale", what people will say as they wander in the studio with their mouths agape!

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