Friday, July 9, 2010

Jim, I found a great yarn sale - could you hook up the trailer....

We left the house at 5:00am this morning and returned home at 6pm. We worked in the studio until 8:30 pm when we finally got blurry eyed and gave up!

So, this was the first time we ever used a trailer to haul yarn home. Granted we had a pickup truck pretty jammed full when we went to Great Northern Weaving last year - but this time a truck and a trailer were filled. I also purchased some table looms and weaving equipment!
As best as we could count while bagging the yarn - I believe we have 680 cones of weaving yarns. Silk, wool, chenille and cotton filled these bags.

So this is what 375 cones of 3/2, 5/2, 8/2, 10/2, 12/2 and 20/2 cotton look like.
I had to order 6 more yarn trees which will be here hopefully next week.

We didn't even attempt the other bags of yarn tonight - we were a bit overwhelmed! I just kept saying "Holy Crap Batman" as we tried to organize the yarn into sizes.

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