Monday, August 9, 2010

All because of a box of yarn ...

Jim: walks into the studio and says: what's with this box of yarn?
Me: I'm going to give it away - but have no idea how to do this unless someone comes to the studio to pick it up. It makes no sense to have someone pay for shipping of a heavy box - for free yarn - does it?
A few days pass.... the box in the studio begins to bug me.

Me: Jim, can you set up a few tables and some hooks in the ceiling - in the 2 car garage?
Jim: Why?
Me: I'm going to have a rummage sale - and put out my box of yarn for free.
Jim: Seems like a lot of work - just to give a box of yarn away?
And so - for the past 4 days we have been purging through everything in the house - pretending we moving and don't want to carry any heavy boxes with us! We just keep walking around and finding more - this is only the beginning - more furniture, dishes, and general crap that we have acquired over the years are waiting to be placed on the tables.

Did I happen to mention how hot and horribly humid it is outside? Dang!

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