Thursday, September 23, 2010

The loom gathering...

Well it happened again - although this time it was a well planned out idea! I ordered 3 more of the Louet Looms for the Studio - giving customers the ability to see and touch 5 out of the 6 looms in the Louet family. The only one missing is the Octado, which in my mind is a less souped up version (only 8 shafts) of the Megado - so why duplicate.

We sold the second AVL to make room for the new arrivals and of course every loom had to be moved to a different spot (we even moved the huge Harrisville - only to move it back to it's original spot the next day). Can you say "sore back and aching muscles"?

So this is what the weaving side of the Studio is looking like these days...
Believe it or not - I never move the furniture around in the house, but I sure make up for it in here!
Overlooking the studio from the library area.

Louet: Spring, Delta and Megado (left to right)

Louet: Delta and Megado (from left to right)

Kessenich and AVL

AVL, Harrisville Rug Loom and Louet David

Louet: Jane and David (left to right)

From the Sewing side of the Studio - still plenty of open area within the studio to work!

The 2 Baby Wolfs are folded up and put into another area of the studio. So doing a head count of looms - the total would be 10! More than there ever has been in the Studio at any other time.

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