Monday, September 6, 2010

Yarn, Mice and a few needed Drinks!

Last week Monday - we decided that on Tuesday and Wednesday (Jim's off days) we would take a ride over to Great Northern Weaving in Kalamazoo MI (about an 8 hour ride). Since we hate Chicago traffic, we left Monday night when Jim got off of work at 10:00pm, putting us smack dab in the windy city about 2:00am. in the morning. If you must travel through Chicago - this would be the time I would recommend, due to nearly no traffic! Once through Chicago we made it up into Michigan and pulled over into a wayside and slept a few hours. By 9:00am - we were pulling into Great Northern Weaving's lot.
This is all they have for a sign to identify themselves to the public!
This is the building that they are located in.
When we entered I asked permission to take photos to post so that others could see what they are about. They said sure and that other have done the same thing.
When you enter - this is the left wall filled with carpet warp, books heddles and shuttles way down at the end.
This would be the right wall of carpet warp.
This is just a wide angle view of both walls looking towards the warehouse.
Certainly nothing fancy - but this warehouse is where the non carpet warp is located.
This is the fabric strip area.
And in another section - is where the selvages are located.
This is how the selvages arrive to them - then they separate them by colors.
These are the carpet warp winding machines.
We then headed a few hours east to meet a a Ravelry friend for the first time. It was so cool to meet Mary in person. She is also a weaver and she gave us the tour of her weaving work areas. It is so much fun to see how other weavers set up their studio. Mary has some pretty cool weaving equipment to say the least - and she shared some of her fiber tips of the trade. She served us a yummy lunch and then we ditched Jim for an hour or so while we headed over to Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion MI. I had been there a couple of times but it has been a few years so that was also really nice.
At this point - Jim and I were running on 3 hours sleep for 2 days so we said our goodbyes and started heading towards home. We stayed in a Comfort Inn and slept very well! We took the longer but scenic way - heading north to go up and around taking the Mackinac Bridge route over to Wisconsin - avoiding the Chicago area! We got home late Wednesday night - due to a few stops along the way (at this point my butt had enough car riding and I was a bit crabby - or so I was told!). We stopped at a casino, a few shops along with food and potty breaks. We instantly fell into bed for the night.
This past weekend is Dizzy's last big hurrah before the clowning begins to slow down. Friday I worked at a county fair twisting balloons for 6 hours straight. I got home - loaded up the car and was on the road at 5am Saturday morning, heading north to Eagle River Wi where Saturday and Sunday I twisted balloons 7 hours each day. Came home Sunday night and blew up and twisted 400 balloons for the parade in Redgranite today.
So what does 400 flying mice look like?
I walk the parade route for an hour handing these out to the kids along side the road. Once I make it to the park - I set up and twist balloon animals for another 3 hours.
So after the busy and exhausting week I've had, when I got home from the parade today - I decided that all I was going to do was sit at the computer and work on this blog and have a few of my new favorite drinks. Mango flavored Vodka and orange juice has been my stand by all summer. I'm finishing #2 as I type!
Thank goodness this week slows down a bit!

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