Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The soy silk scarf that I am weaving (just put a photo up today) is pretty predictable - and I needed to be challenged a bit today (perhaps to distract me from the high winds, and if the roof was going to blow away, or at the very least to distract me from if we are going to loose power again) so...... here's the story:
I've been weaving for about 30 years - geeze that makes me old doesn't it! Ok, and I've been buying looms most of those years also. Along with the looms, a lot of times - includes yarn. So, many years ago, with a purchase of a loom, came this pre wound warp with no instructions. There is even balls of yarn for weft. I neatly put it in a bag and every couple of years come across it. I pull it out of the bag - ohh and ahh over the pretty mixed warp - set it on a table for a couple of days to ponder what it was supposed to be and then wrap it back up and neatly put it away because I have no clue.
Well today I guess I'm up for the challenge - Well to be honest it has sat on the table in the studio for about a week with me going thru the whole process as described above. I just decided to go for it - what's the worst that could happen?

We'll see....... here's where I am so far....
Mystery Warp
This is what I have been looking at for years - 
Mystery Warp / Lease sticks

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