Thursday, October 14, 2010

Louet Jane

Jane was one of the new loom arrivals last month also. I had a left over warp from a class that I taught - so I took the remaining 3 yards and decided to warp her up and see what she could do. I have been so used to warping the big floor looms that this was quite a breeze to wind the warp onto the beam with out any assistance. I really like the raddle that is positioned on the top of the castle, making the whole process of winding quite easy!

Once the warp has been wound on, it is then removed from the raddle and the beater is flipped to the back of the loom for easy heddle threading.
Sitting on an adjustable office chair - this warping process is just so easy. I also got the stand for it, which I'm very glad I did - this way no table space is taken up, but even better is: that you can remove the warp and cloth beams from the loom and add them to the stand - allowing more buildup of the woven cloth to occur! (this is really an awesome feature).
I do need to say - I have not been a fan of table looms in the past - but I am singing a different tune already. I really think Jane will serve her purpose for exactly why I got her, portability and sampling!
I've woven about 12" and love the mechanics of Jane. Her shed is 2 plus inches!

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