Friday, October 15, 2010

A temple experiment....

I switched the weft color to a chocolate brown cottolin on this towel, due to the fact that I got bored with the rust on the first towel. I also decided to give a temple a try due to a current conversation on temples being held on Ravelry. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I own several temples and have never really used them.
temple towel

I grabbed a temple to see if it made any difference in my weaving. I have pretty good selvages with out the use of a temple but I did notice a bit better selvage, less draw in, and a bit faster weaving over all even with moving the temple every inch, because I had no need to ever adjust the weft on the selvage end. I did use an end feed shuttle on both towels to keep the experiment fair.

Disadvantages of using a temple: (which one would get used to after a bit of time)
  • Dang - those pins on the raddle are sharp when you forget that they are there!
  • Difficult to see the pattern as you weave (if you make a mistake) until the temple is moved up after an inch of weaving.
Advantages of using the temple:
  • Nice even selvages
  • A bit less draw in (3/8" for me on this towel compared to the first one woven).
  • If you tend to fiddle with the selvages - the temple will eliminate this.
I'll make the final decision as to if a temple will be a tool kept near my looms or not, after both towels come off the loom and a side by side comparison is done.
Choc close up

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