Sunday, October 17, 2010

They're Back...

When you hear a strange noise coming from your roof....
It seems to happen about the same time each year. First you notice that the turkeys begin to roost in the trees all around the house and other buildings. Where they are in the summer is anyones guess. It's like clockwork, 6:00pm. at night - they come in and begin flying into the trees. 7:00am. - they start flying out. A few weeks later they decide that prior to landing on the ground - that they ought to land on the roofs to get a good look around. Problem is - that there is a flock of at least 20 of them - and roof damage is not what I'm looking for! So when the weird roof noises begin - out the door I head. They are quite skiddish - so any noise sends them into flight mode.
Off they head down the driveway and into the woods. The majority are all behind the studio when this shot was taken.
And then the only thing left are feathers! This time of year the grandkids come over and have turkey feather collecting contests!

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