Monday, October 11, 2010

Weaving on the new Louet Spring

The Spring arrived a few weeks ago. We built it within a day and it was warped a few days later. But then the dreaded "yard work before winter" beckoned to us. We've spent a better part of a week just getting everything done outside before Jim leaves for Pennsylvania, the first week of November - to return home on December 25th. If you have been following this blog long enough, you already know why he's heading out there - if not - here's a clue ......
Santa Jim
Yep - you guessed it - he is a mall Santa in North Wales Pennsylvania! So, in addition to yard work - we are transforming (beaching) Jim's hair from blonde to white. This is not a one time process. We'll do it at least 5 times before he leaves to get it totally white - but then he must do the upkeep while away.

The Spring is an awesome loom to weave on. Warping was easy. I really like the built in raddle located at the top of the castle. It's difficult to see in this photo. Treadling is effortless and weaving is quiet (other than me talking to myself!) The floating breast beam is great because your tension remains the same throughout your weaving.
The pattern is from the Yarn Barn - "Yellow Brick Road" - only I switched up the colors - so the name makes no sense what so ever! I put on enough warp to weave a total of 4 towels. Two will be in the Natural / Rust combination - the other two will be in Natural / and yet to be determined!
Here's a close up of the pattern. This is quite a bit busier than I am used to - but fun and easy to weave. This is a 8-shaft pattern with a 42 treadle repeat. I do have to concentrate while doing this one - and refuse to answer the phone - no matter what!

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