Monday, May 31, 2010

Brothers at heart

One a chicken,
one a duck -
both hatched about the same time -
currently living together under the same heat lamp -
not knowing that one is any different than the other.
Gee - how life changes.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just another reason to be carrying a camera wherever you go.

Well, I wish I could tell you I was in a far away land, on an expedition for the exotic rare Luna Moth, but alas I can't. Instead I can tell you that I was in the Vilas County Fairground women's (very rustic) restroom when this was discovered.
I was working as Dawn the Balloon Twister - when Wanda, a friend, told me to head to the ladies restroom - right side, second stall and check out what was on the wall. "Bring a camera if you have one" she said. So off I went with camera in hand. Being that I had never seen one of these - I thought it was pretty cool. You really can't tell from this photo - but this guy is at least 3-4" wide.
Now this discovery was on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday am - I was off off to stall 2 - to see if it was still there. It was, which I thought was unusual, and began to wonder if some kid stuck some life like butterfly on the wall to mess with me. But a close up look allowed me to see it moving around. As people were in the balloon line - I informed quite a few of them not to forget to stop at stall 2 on the right to visit the really cool moth! Quite the conversation starter to say the least!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey Jim - you'll never guess what I did today....

Is what I said as he was walking in the door from work.
"Could it be that you drove a tractor today"?
"How did you know", I asked.
"I can see you editing the photo from here" - he replied.

And that's what I did. I had went over to Phil and Donna's to see if they needed help in the garden, and was given the "pruning the tomato plants" job. When that was completed, Phil asked if I wanted to see his "new to him tractor", that he picked up today. Sure, I said. The next thing I knew, I was driving it - right behind Phil and his other tractor. It reminded me of the trail rides you would take as a kid - when you went to a horse corral. As the ride went along - all I could imagine was that I'd be in the headlines of our local paper this week, regarding a farm machinery accident. All I can say is that I have a new appreciation for the people that drive tractors!
And another new chick fresh out of the incubator.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let the busy season begin!

Ok, if you didn't know this before, you do now:
when I'm not Dawn - I'm Dizzy D. Clown.
Known statewide - for creating a balloon atmosphere where ladybugs smile and dinosaurs still roam the earth!
Yep - that's what I do for a job!
The busy season runs from now thru the beginning of October.
While working at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King, WI, over the weekend: this young lady requested an elephant hat.
And the ever popular Elmo is a favorite amongst all ages!

I rarely see the photos that are taken while I work, but a generous photographer emailed me these today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yarn Tree info:

  • YARN TREE Info:
MODEL 56 - Holds 56, 10.5" Diameter cones.
Model 72, 8" Diameter Cones.
MODEL 88 - Holds 88, 6.5" Diameter Cones.
MODEL 104 - Holds 104, 5.5" Diameter Cones

 Custom Knits, Lake Park MN is where I get these from. I've owned a few of these since the early 1980's and then purchased 5 more when we built the studio. I love the sturdiness, and space saving that these trees do.  Link to where I purchase these yarn trees

I've had many inquiries as to where the carts in my studio come from....

I actually purchase these carts from our local Fleet Farm Store when they go on sale. If I remember correctly - on sale they run about $85.00 or so. I really like these since they are sturdy, have 2 shelves and a drawer. They have rollers - so they are very mobile also. I have 12 of these in the studio. Each loom has one along with a couple in the sewing, spinning, knitting machine and rug hooking area.

I should add that they come un-assembled, and thankfully my husband Jim has become quite efficient in building these. They also come unfinished.

158W – Cafe Cart
  • solid alder hardwood
  • ready to finish
  • unassembled
  • drawer
  • metal drawer slides
  • towel bar
  • locking casters
  • preassembled shelves
  • carton dimensions
    • 33 1/2” (length)
    • 17 1/2” (width)
    • 4 1/2” (height)
  • assembled dimensions
    • 26 1/4” (width)
    • 36” (height)
    • 17 1/2” (depth)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking an inventory of rug weaving supplies ....

 60 spools of 8/5 linen warp to use on the rug loom arrived Friday from a webs order.  So I am good on linen warp.
I pulled out all of my Harrisville and Halcyon Rug Wool for project planning the first rug to be made on the HD Rug Loom.  Unfortunately, believe it or not - I will need to place an order for some basics of natural, oatmeal, grey and black.
Cha-Ching Again.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dosie Doe Your Partner (moving equipment one last time)

Once again - the looms did a bit of moving around to find their final homes in the studio. With the addition of the HD Rug Loom - every loom had to suck it in a bit so that there was a comfortable working distance around each of them. As Jim and I were lifting these monsters - I promised that at least for now - the studio is done, with no foreseen additions to come.

Both AVL Looms - both 40" weaving width and 16 Harness. One is a mechanical dobby and the other a compudobby 2.

The Louet Megado - a 32 harness - 51" weaving width, electronic interfaced loom.
(Left) Kessenich 42" weaving width - 8 harness jack loom.
(Right) Louet Delta - 12 Harness - 51" weaving width parallel countermarche loom.
And the monster that recently moved in:
Harrisville Designs Rug Loom - 45" weaving width, 4 harness with shaft switching device - countermarch.
Hmmm - I guess the spinning stuff had to move also!
Lendrum DT Wheel and Roberta Electric Spinner.
Yep - the knitting machines had to move also - Here is the Brother Bulky Electronic machine and ribber. The Silver Reed is still looking for a home along with the sock machines!
Jaimie if you are out there reading this, your loom is just a little bit to the right of this photo!
I'm happy to report that the sewing side of the studio has remained the same - no need for update photos!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Threading the Harrisville Rug Loom

Wow - this was a totally new experience for me. Threading the shaft switching device was more intimidating in my brain than it actually was, once I started threading it.
Go figure!

For the last couple of days I'd sit and read Rug Weaving Techniques - Beyond the Basics, the H.D. loom manual, notes from an old J.C. class I took almost 10 years ago - when my eyes became blurry - I'd then watch the HD Rug Loom Video and the Jason Collingwood video. By last night I was more confused than ever. So today I just said - screw it - and walked out to the studio and began threading it. It was so easy! What I was expecting, I don't know - but I'm sure there will be a few more of the scary new loom moments to come!

This loom is so much deeper than my others - that when the beater and breast beam were removed and the bench lowered - I was able to stand inside the loom and threaded it it standing up. That was pretty cool - less back strain also.

This is a close up of the shaft switching device . Harness 1 and 4 are switched by flipping the leavers that you see in the top photo. The warp is actually not threaded in a heddle eye on harnesses 1 and 4 , but the eye, in the center of the texsolv cord that runs through the eye of both harness 1 and 4.
Make sense? We'll see what happens once I begin weaving!