Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking Time Out ....

Every time I see the 2 little cactus that my kids gave me over 20 years ago, flower, I say "I really need to take a photo of that", and yet never find the time to do it - and then the flowers are gone. For the last week I've been saying the same thing that I've been saying repeatedly over the years - so finally as I was hustling past them doing another chore - I dropped everything - grabbed the camera and took a few shots.
Why do we put the important things off - just to get another job on the to-do list checked off? Take time to do the things that will make you smile.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mark this Complete!

Closeup of finished Fabric
A close up of the finished fabric. It was really fun and fast when weaving 5 rows (beating firm) and then weaving 9 rows - in 2 inches - and then repeating this thru out the length of the scarf. This is what gives it the wonderful drape and added fabric design. I will not hesitate in the future to grab odds and ends of yarn to create a mixed warp project again.
And the finished scarf from the mystery warp that I started last week. I’m actually really happy with the final result considering I had no clue as to what it was supposed to be! It has a wonderful hand and drape. I’s very light weight and feels awesome against your skin (I’m pretty fussy about itchy yarns).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A update to the mixed warp project...

This it what it looks like while on the loom.

Off of the loom - not wet finished
And once it was cut off - this is what it looks like. I still need to wet finish it.

EPI: 10 - used an 10 dent reed Total Warp ends: 100 (plus 2 floating selvages) Warp Length - 3 yards Width in reed: 10” Straight twill threading: 1,2,3,4 - repeat
Warp: mixed yarns - wool, rayon, mohairs Weft: Lambada from Stahl Wolle

Beginning: Weave 9 picks - beat firmly
Body of Scarf: Weave 9 picks (2 inches) Weave 5 picks - beat firmly Repeat
End: Weave 9 picks - beat firmly

I ended up working closely to a pattern that can be found in:
Handwoven’s E Book - 4-Shaft Scarves. Magical Accent Scarf.
The pattern can also be found in: Handwoven Nov/Dec 1996 pg. 40, 76-77
Finishing: When the scarf comes off of the loom it looks like netting. The finishing will bring out the texture. Knot the fringe in groups of 5. Soak the scarf in warm water for 20 minutes - squeeze out the water and tumble dry.
Final photo in a day or two.