Friday, July 15, 2011

Even Cinderella needed a bit of help.....

So, last month I decided to be involved in an on-line estate auction.  There was an AVL loom (16 harness - 40" production dobby) identical to the one I currently  own, amongst other things that belonged to a weaver that no longer was able to weave.  The auction (therefore the loom) was located over 300 miles from us - so viewing it prior to the bidding - for us was not practical and bidding beyond a certain amount could be a financial disaster.  The photos were not very helpful - oh, what to do.  I had an amount in my mind that I was willing to gamble with.  For 3 days, up until the last few hours, I was the high bidder, and then the bidding war began.

3 minutes before the auction was over - I was outbid.  I was done.  Jim looked at me in surprise.  "Really, you're letting it get away?" he asked.  "Yep" I said.  "Ahhh, just bid $100 more" he said.  "Ok - but that's it", I said.  Well - needless to say - in the end I owned a loom.  We loaded up the trailer and headed out for a 10 hour round trip the next day.

It was sitting in an old storage warehouse - the surroundings grey and dingy.  The loom itself was pretty dingy and dusty to say the least.  I was not impressed.  I was actually feeling disappointed and sorry for the $ spent.  But keeping a stiff upper lip we loaded it up and hauled it home.  Photos were not even an option - it was too ugly.

So the job began the next day.  Disassembling the harnesses and removing the dirty texsolv heddles.  They needed to be washed for sure! Next was cleaning all of the wood with Murphy's oil soap.  Little by little - something began to change - there was a warm wooden glow underneath all of the dust and grime.  With each dumped bucket of dirty water - the more excited I became!  Yes - this was a diamond in the rough.

The finished loom!

What was the most ugly part of the loom is now the most eye catching feature - the harnesses are beautiful!

16 Harness Mechanical Dobby

Now I wish I would have taken the "before" photos to show the difference.  A few minor parts were missing - so a call to AVL to place the order - and when the parts arrive it will be good to go!
Heads up to anyone in need of AVL parts - they are not a cheap date! 


  1. Hi Dawn. Found you again :-)
    I thought something must have happened for you to have gone just like that.
    Must have been a shock when you found out what had been done after deleting your old email addresses. But I suppose things happen for a reason. Time to reflect what to do next but I do hope you will do some blogging like you used to do. I've always enjoyed reading your posts.
    greetings Margreet

  2. Etwas sauber zu machen und ein Schuckstück freigelegt zu haben, ist eine tolle Erfahrung. Ich habe als schwierigste Aufgabe einen 2m hohen Lüster (Kronleuchter) aus Glas aus einem Wasserschloss gereinigt. Da weiß man, was Putzen ist. Ich bin froh, dass ich Deinen Blog schon vorher gelesen habe. Bitte schreibe weiter und mache viele Fotos, denn die sind mehrsprachig! Danke. Liebe Grüße Ate