Friday, July 8, 2011

Louet's Flying Dutchman Shuttle

Flying Dutchman Shuttle by macweaver
In my travels and loom acquisitions - I came home with 3 of these.  They are quite unique to say the least!

My questions to all of you are:
Have you ever used one?
When would you ever use one?
Do you like using these?

They feel good in the hand - but that is as far as I have went since I haven't any weaving projects in the works at this time.

It measures:  13.5" x 2.77" x 2"

I've gotten these responses so far:
  1. Yes I have one .I use it if I have a sticky wool or mohair blend warps as the metal wire helps clear the shed. It is cool.
  2. Agree with Nickolena …and it’s design also helps keeping it from taking a nose dive (through a loose or spaced-out warp) and hitting the floor!!!!
  3. That’s also a function of those blunt ends. I have blunt end shuttles from Weaving Southwest that I’ve treasured for 20 years because they solved the problem of the nose dive through rug warps.

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