Sunday, July 10, 2011

Studio Photos...

Since my original blog has been lost due to hitting a few too many delete keys - I thought I'd post a few photos to show what the Studio is looking like these days...
Untitled by macweaver
AVL 40" - 16H Mechanical Dobby
Wide Angle View by macweaver
Over looking the Studio from the library area.

Louet Megado and Delta by macweaver
Louet Delta 51" 12 H and Louet Megado 51" 32 H - Electric Interfaced.

AVL, Harrisville Design Rug Loom and LouetDavid by macweaver
AVL 40" - 16H Compu Dobby, Harrisville Rug Loom with Shaft Switching Device 45",  Louet David 35" - 8H.

DSC_0002 by macweaver
Louet Jane - 15.5" - 8H
14 Yarn trees by macweaver

Weaving Yarns by macweaver
2 rows of yarn trees - each holds 105 cones.
Sewing Machines by macweaver
Sewing machines.
Thread and Hooping Station by macweaver
Thread and hooping station.
BMP8 by macweaver

Cutting Area by macweaver
Cutting Area.

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