Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Studio....or Loom Warehouse!

The Studio took on a new look - as another AVL and a Louet Octado were added last week, after a 3100 mile field trip.  Walking in through the front door you see this view:  
From front left to right:  Louet Megado, Louet Delta, Kessenich
From back left to right:  AVL, AVL, Harrisville Rug Loom
Babywolf and Louet Jane not in photos.

AVL PDL 48: - 16H (left), Louet Octado (far right)
The AVL is built and ready to be used!  It came with the Compu Dobby-1 and a mechanical dobby.
And here is the newly acquired Octado!  It has both the Electronic Interface and mechanical dobby.

The yarn tree and sewing area remain the same on the right half of the studio.

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