Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keep it Simple Towels

Keep it Simple Towels by macweaver

Keep it Simple Towels, a photo by macweaver on Flickr.
Inspired by so many weavers on Ravelry doing this simple yet eye catching towel, my buddy Connecticut Mary and I decided to have an impromptu weave along.

White warp of 8/2 cotton and weft of 8/2 cotton - any color. That's the beauty of this 4 shaft towel one warp and gifts of many colors!  I'm planning navy, burgundy, terra cotta and greens for this project.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fingertip Towels

Fingertip towels complete by macweaver

Fingertip towels complete, a photo by macweaver on Flickr.
When I purchased the Louet Octado, it came to me with the previous owners remaining warp still on it. Normally I would just cut it off and start fresh, although this 8/2 seemed pretty nice, so I decided to "get to know the loom" with what ever amount remained. Turned out that there was enough warp to weave 8 - finger tip towels (finished measurements: 16.25" x 12.25"). I just picked a pattern and used a different color warp for each towel.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Aluhring Towels

Aluhring Towels by macweaver
Aluhring Towels, a photo by macweaver on Flickr.
The 40" - 16 H Compu Dobby AVL is warped up and I've begun weaving the Aluhring Towel pattern from Lunatic Fringe. This is a 8 shaft pattern. 10 yards of foxfiber cotton, 604 warp ends, in 3 shades, threaded at 28 EPI.

Friendship Towels!

16 shaft dishtowel - pattern 87 A by macweaver

Here's my current project on the 40" - 16H AVL Mechanical Dobby loom. Actually the loom is warped up and ready to weave on - for a few of my weaving friends who plan on visiting in the next couple of months. Everyone gets to weave a 16 shaft towel of their own when they visit. If they do not like the pattern that I've chosen, they can go thru the book 16 Harness Patterns - the Fanciest Twills of All and choose a new pattern and re-peg the dobby bars to their liking.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Santa 2011

Santa 2011 by macweaver

Santa 2011, a photo by macweaver on Flickr.
Santa (my husband Jim) is out in Pennsylvania - already busy visiting with the kids. His mall is the first one in the region with a Santa! I'll see him again on Christmas Day when he returns home.

Here is also a a video link to Santa's arrival at the mall.