Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First warp for the new to me AVL

Untitled by macweaver

Warped and ready to weave!

Treadling pattern #1
Treadling pattern #2
This pattern is from:Handwoven’s Design Collection #16 - Kitchen Collection
Pattern: Red and White Checked Towels pg. 16
This is an 8 Harness weave.
I am using 8/2 unmercerized cotton for both the warp and the weft. I have substituted a golden yellow for the red.
Warp Length: 10 yards
Total Warp Ends: 492 + 2 for selvages
EPI: 24
PPI: 24
Width in Reed: 20.5”
Weaving Width: 19.75”
There are 3 different treadling patterns for this project.  
I had ordered a few parts from AVL which were missing when we purchased this  loom from an auction - which finally arrived this past week. Fortunately, I have the identical loom on the other side of the Studio, as it took a bit of tweaking before this 40" - 16 harness mechanical dobby AVL was up and running.  Since AVL's loom manual is not the greatest - we would just walk over to the other AVL, check out the things in question and then adjust accordingly.    A few hours of adding the final pieces, warping the loom and then making the needed adjustments and I was off and weaving!  Two days of off and on weaving have produced 2 towels so far on this 10 yard warp!