Monday, November 19, 2012

Linen Hand Towels

Draft from Eleanor Best - Little Diamond Book - Page 32
On Loom
24 / 32 LDB - side a
Side A
24 / 32 LDB - side b
Side B
24 shaft weave
EPI:  30
Width in Reed:  20"
Reed: 15 Dent - threaded 2 per dent
Warp Length: 8 yards

Heddle Count:
shafts 1 and 24: 13 per shaft
shafts 2-23: 26 per shaft

Warp: 10/2 cotton
Weft:  Linen 8/1 - unbleached

A temple was used for this project.

Weaving Width: 19.75"
Woven Length on Loom: 33"
Finished, hemmed measurements: 27" x 19"

3 drafts are being woven on the Toika Eeva.  Here is the first of 3.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last of the Pinwheel Warp...

A Close Up of the Patterns Woven
 Group Shot
 I just finished washing and ironing the remaining towels that were on the Megado. I'm happy to say that there are only 7 more napkins to hand hem, sitting next to my chair to work on. Between the towels and the REP Runners that I hemmed all day yesterday, I think I'm shot for awhile, on the hemming part of this craft!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More REP Runners

REP Runner 3 - version 2
On the Glimakra - in progress
Runner 1 - Side A
Runner 1 - Side B
Runner 2 - Side A
Runner 2 - Side B
Runner 3 - Side A
Runner 3 - Side B 
This runner is a “stash buster” using up some of the odds and ends of carpet warp I have taking up space.

Number of Warp ends: 570
Warp Length: 6 yards
EPI: 32
Width in Reed: 17.75”
weaving width: 18.15”
Warp and Weft: 8/4 cotton rug warp. This was both the thick (8 strands) and the thin (single strand) weft of Oriental Beige.

Oriental Beige
Burndt Orange
Finished Sizes:
Runner 1 - Finished, Hemmed measurements: 47.5” x 18”
Runner 2 = Finished, Hemmed measurements: 48” x 18”
Runner 3 - Finished, Hemmed measurements: 44.5” x 18”

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

REP Runners

Rep runner 2
Warped and Ready to Weave

Rep Runner 2
The Weaving Begins

REP Runner 3
67.5” x 17.75”

51.75” x 17.75”

REP Runner 2
17.75" x 17.75"

Number of Warp ends: 570 Warp Length: 6 yardsEPI: 32Width in Reed: 17.75"Weaving width: 18.15" Warp:  8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern WeavingWeft:  8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern Weaving.  This was both the thick (8 strands) and the thin (single strand) weft of dark grey.Colors:  Charcoal, Taupe, Grey, Terra Cotta
The weft (8 strands thick) was wound on the warping reel and then directly wound off onto a narrow rag shuttle to weave with.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vavstuga 2013 Class Schedule

Vavstuga 2013 Class Listing Post Card
Vavstuga Post Card

A few days ago - I received the Vavstuga 2013 Class Schedule postcard in the mail. I called and spoke to Susan Conover, who is the Operations Manager at Vavstuga, telling her that if it would be ok, I’d gladly post a copy of the Class Schedule here on my blog since there are always weaver's stopping by!  With her permission, I am posting the schedule here. Susan did mention that registration begins this coming Wednesday September 19th.

ETA:  I'm thrilled to report that I will be attending the REP Class in July 2013!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swedish Lace Napkins

napkin - 40/2 linen
Finished Size 16" x 16"
Hemmed on all 4 edges

Hand hems on napkins - about 1/8" wide

Linen Napkins

Warp: 40/2 Linen
Weft: 40/2 linen
EPI: 30
Total warp ends: 552
Width in reed: 18.4”
Warp length: 5.25 yards
Weaving Width: 18”
Weaving length on loom: 19.75”
Finished Hemmed Size: 16” x 16”
(hemmed on all 4 sides)
This is a 4 shaft weave.
22 picks of plain weave for hems (1 inch x 2)
17.75” of pattern.
Heddle Count
1- 180
2- 180
3 - 96
4 - 96

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Upholstery Selvage Rugs - Complete!

36" x 54"
36" x 54"
36" x 50"
36" x 50"
36" x 50"
36" x 56"
36" x 56"
36" x 53"
36" x 53"
36" x 57"
36" x 57"
36" x 56"
36" x 56"
36" x 54"
36" x 54"
36" x 59"
36" x 59"
36" x 52"
36" x 52"

The Kessenich Loom was warped with 30 yards of 8/4 carpet warp - 10 EPI - 38” wide back in April.  Here's the link to that posting on my blog that showed what they looked like as just selvedges, and once the rugs were woven and off of the loom.  They were then set aside to be hemmed as time permitted throughout this summer.  And now they are complete!

A temple was used throughout.

These selvedges were purchased from Great Northern Weaving in Kalamazoo MI.  They are   super linty and dusty,  having to sweep and vacuum after each rug woven just to keep the  mess down.  

I will never buy these again due to the mess it makes in the area where they are woven.  Plus after weaving 10 of these - I think I've had the "selvedge experience".

Woven, came off the loom measuring approximately 37" x 58" give or take with each rug (which does not include tabby for the hemmed edge).  finished sizes are listed with each rug and they weigh in at 5#'s or a bit more.

Thoughts on 8-7-12:
I have to be honest, as I was hemming these the last 2 days the dust and lint here on the tables and floor surrounding me here in the living room was unbelievable!  After hemming 2 more today, I couldn't stand it any longer.  I took each one to the Studio and gave each ones sides a trim to even up the selvedge lengths *(think: your mother trimming your bangs)* and then threw each one in the dryer, one at a time to try to eliminate some of the lint and dust.  I swear - I pulled a large bunny out of the lint trap with each rug!  

Final thought on 8-8-2012:  

I never in my entire life, even if this was the only weft left on earth to weave with, use upholstry selvedges again!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinwheel Towels

Draft #74 from A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns - page 24

PW 2 color weft
2 shuttle / 2 color weft
PW with 1 color weft
1 shuttle / 1 color weft
Here are my pinwheel towels (2 color weft) and pinwheel variation towels (1 color weft) that were just cut off the loom. There is still enough warp on the Megado to weave 5 more towels.    Currently I doing different pinwheel drafts with the remaining warp.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Towels from VAV Magazine (issue 3-09)

Vav Towels
Computer view
With Dark Weft
Towels on the Delta - natural weft
With Light Weft
VAV Towels
Finished Towels

My friend Mary wove 2 of these also - total of 5 were woven on this warp.

This is a 8 shaft weave.
EPI: 24
# of warp ends: 547+ 2 (doubled end warps)
Warp length: 6 yards
Width in reed: 22.8"
Weaving Width: 21.5"
Weaving length: 35" including 1.5" hems each end
Off loom measurements: 32.5" x 20.75
Washed measurements:** 29" x 18.5"
Finished (Hemmed) measurements: 27" x 19"
Made 5 towels

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

REP Weave Runners

rep wif
Computer view
rep runner
Warp wound on
rep runner ready to weave
Ready to weave
REP Weave Runner
Weaving in progress
Off the loom and hemmed
Close up of REP Runner
Close up of the pattern
Warp length:  6 yards
# of Warp Ends:  570
EPI:  32 
Width in Reed:  17.375"
Weaving Width: 18.15"

Warp used:  8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern Weaving

Weft used: 8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern Weaving

Thin weft: Single Strand

Thick weft: 8 strands (wouund on the warping reell and then wound directly onto a rug shuttle.
Showing how the thick weft was wound

Colors used:
DK Grey, Purple, Khaki and Taupe

Loom used:  Glimakra Standard

4 Shaft Weave

Runner 1 
Off Loom Measurements: 42.5" x 17.75"
Finished, Hemmed measurements:  36.25" x 17.75"

Runner 2 

Off Loom Measurements:  57" x 17.75"
Finished, Hemmed measurements:  50" x 17.75"

Runner 3 (my friend Mary wove this one)
Off Loom Measurements: 47" x 17.75"
Finished, Hemmed measurements: