Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio 2012

Taking inventory of the looms that exist in the Studio. I should do this every January to see what changes occur throughout the year.

From far left back- left to right:
40" 16 shaft AVL Mechanical / Compu Dobby
40" 16 shaft AVL Mechanical Dobby
47" 4 shaft Glimakra 120cm horizontal countermarche

Next row forward - left to right:
51" 32 shaft Louet Megado with electronic interface
48" 8 shaft Kessenich
35" 8 shaft Louet Octado with mechanical dobby and electronic interface

Far Left (you can barely see)
51" 12 shaft Louet Delta

Front Left:
48" 16 shaft AVL Compu / Mechanical Dobby


  1. Is that all? ;) Looking good Dawn, some serious weaving power in that room.

  2. I have long admired your studio Dawn, your studio gives me major loom envy. Wondering if you are teaching weaving thus the need for so many looms? Just curious.

  3. These are just my private looms - no teaching per say (although several friends have come over just to weave). I enjoy having several looms warped at a time that way when I get bored with one project - I can more on to the next.

  4. It is interesting to me how different weavers are.......I have about 15 looms, but none of them are dobby or computerized. They are mostly old and plain, but I love them still.
    Someday I am going to try out one like yours.....but in a way, I 'm afraid to open THAT door.
    Beautiful studio.