Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using up some stash....

Polar Fleece Rag Rug

LOL.... I went from a silk scarf (last finished project) to a rag rug - talk about extremes!

I have tubs with pre wound balls of all types of fabric. I decided it was time to do some "use up the stash weaving" - this rug is out of polar fleece.  The finished size 36.5" x 67".  I still need to give it a bit of blocking tomorrow, when I head back out to the Studio.  It really feels good to get rid of the bulk that these balls take up.

Since I put 30 yards of warp on the loom - I guess I have a few more rugs to weave!

Project notes:

The warp is 8/4 cotton rug warp from Great Northern Weaving.
The weft is polar fleece cut in 1.25” strips in random lengths (6” to 36”) connected by cutting a slit on each end and looping them together in random order.
I wove the rug using 2 rag shuttles throughout to eliminate short color changes.

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