Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm liking short warps!

Going in Circles (1 of 2 runners)
My normal warp lengths are from 7-13 yards long.  It's a breeze to weave off 3 yards in just a few leisurely days in the Studio!
EPI: 24
Total warp ends: 405 + 2 FS
Width in reed: 16.87”
Warp length: 3 yards
Weaving Width: 16 1/8”
Runner One
Woven Length on Loom: 57”
Off loom measurements - 54.25”
Finished Measurements (hemmed) - 15.25” x 50”
Runner 2
Woven Length on Loom: 28.5”
Off loom measurement - 26.75”
Finished Measurements - (hemmed) - 15.25” x 23”
Warp: 10/2 pearl cotton
Tabby Weft: 20/2 pearl cotton
Pattern Weft: 10/2 pearl cotton

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer and Winter on the Louet Delta

Going in Circles - Summer and Winter

going in circles - actual colors
This draft is from: The Best of Weaver's Summer and Winter
Pattern:  Going in Circles - Runner
Warp:  10/2 Pearl Cotton
Tabby Weft:  20/2 Pearl Cotton
Pattern Weft:  10/2 Pearl Cotton

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Got Jugs?

Usually Jim is around to help me wind a warp onto the loom - getting good tension.  Today he was out running errands, and I was hot to get this wound on so I could continue warping the loom.  I found one empty milk jug, but needed two.  My fingers were crossed - as a gallon of water would be much easier to clean up than a gallon of milk, if a mishap were to occur!

* This was an 16" wide warp.

*  I divided it into 2 sections.  

* I let the warp go over the breast beam and made a slip knot about a foot from the ground.

* Inserted an S Hook thru the slip knot.

* Inserted the milk jug on the other end of the S Hook (making sure the jug was a bit off the floor)

* I then wound the warp until the milk jugs reached the breast beam and repeated the process.

*  This worked wonderfully without any problems along the way.  It was a bit slower than having a helper since I needed to repeat the process until the 4 yards were wound on, but I'll certainly do this again!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What do 100's of people do on a sunny March day in Wisconsin?

Go watch the Sturgeon spawn of coarse!
I've seen it on talked about on our local tv every year since we moved to the area - but we were always busy when they announced that the Sturgeon were in the rivers spawning.  This year, due to the unusually warm weather they were spawning early and we were actually free to take a ride about 45 miles from our home to take part in the event.  We weren't sure we'd be able to find the spot on the river where everyone went - but it became pretty obvious when we approached police directing traffic in the area that we found it!
It was actually difficult to find a spot along the river to squeeze in and watch for these huge fish to come through.
And then as soon as they would appear - then they'd be gone.

The ones that we saw were from 3 to 5 feet in length.

Making Space

Studio 2012
Overlooking the weaving area - February 2012

Weaving Area
Overlooking the weaving area - March 2012

Remaining Looms - Going Clockwise
Glimakra - 47" Weaving Width - 8 Shafts
Louet Delta - 51" Weaving Width - 12 Shafts
Louet Megado - 51" Weaving Width - 32 Shafts
AVL - Folding Dobby Loom - 40" Weaving Width - 16 Shaft - Compu Dobby 2
Kessenich - 42" Weaving Width - 8 Shaft

Winding Corner
Winding Corner

Tapestry Corner
Tapestry Corner

Spinning / Inkle / Sock Machine Wall
Spinning, Inkle and Sock Machine Wall

Reed Area
Reed Rack - holds 31 reeds and storage in the back

After a few months of destashing of 6 floor looms and a table loom - the Studio has been reorganized.   Where it looked like a loom warehouse before, I am just thrilled with all of the open space now.  I especially love that I can leave the big warping mill open and ready to wind anytime.  Before I had to to pull it out from the wall and set it up to use.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New projects are in the works....

Pin Wheel DishTowels
Finally I'm weaving the PinWheel Towels on the Louet Megado. This 2 shuttle color change every 8 rows is for the birds! (and I put 13 yards for this project - geez louise!) I'm quite thankful to be able to jump over to the other loom for a quick 1 shuttle weave when I hit burnout.

And I'm weaving these towels on the Glimakra Standard.  The last batch of these towels disappeared as soon as they were hemmed - so I thought I'd attempt to make a few for me this time in a different size and color arrangement.