Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making Space

Studio 2012
Overlooking the weaving area - February 2012

Weaving Area
Overlooking the weaving area - March 2012

Remaining Looms - Going Clockwise
Glimakra - 47" Weaving Width - 8 Shafts
Louet Delta - 51" Weaving Width - 12 Shafts
Louet Megado - 51" Weaving Width - 32 Shafts
AVL - Folding Dobby Loom - 40" Weaving Width - 16 Shaft - Compu Dobby 2
Kessenich - 42" Weaving Width - 8 Shaft

Winding Corner
Winding Corner

Tapestry Corner
Tapestry Corner

Spinning / Inkle / Sock Machine Wall
Spinning, Inkle and Sock Machine Wall

Reed Area
Reed Rack - holds 31 reeds and storage in the back

After a few months of destashing of 6 floor looms and a table loom - the Studio has been reorganized.   Where it looked like a loom warehouse before, I am just thrilled with all of the open space now.  I especially love that I can leave the big warping mill open and ready to wind anytime.  Before I had to to pull it out from the wall and set it up to use.

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