Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New projects are in the works....

Pin Wheel DishTowels
Finally I'm weaving the PinWheel Towels on the Louet Megado. This 2 shuttle color change every 8 rows is for the birds! (and I put 13 yards for this project - geez louise!) I'm quite thankful to be able to jump over to the other loom for a quick 1 shuttle weave when I hit burnout.

And I'm weaving these towels on the Glimakra Standard.  The last batch of these towels disappeared as soon as they were hemmed - so I thought I'd attempt to make a few for me this time in a different size and color arrangement.

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  1. Oh DAWN, my sympathies...13 yards???!!! My Dad just finished up a scarf and all I ever got through on this weave was a scarf too. It's a lovely weave for sure, but if I go with this again, I'll just do the Star towels in the Favorite Swedish weaves book. But the other towels are positively gorgeous and there is something wonderful to be said for one shuttle weaves....:)