Monday, April 30, 2012

The arrival of the Toika!

Delivery Truck
1-2-3 push!
And there it sits.
At 525 pounds - the crate that the Toika loom was delivered in was quite the chore for Jim and the delivery guy. Now it sits in front of the Studio waiting for the dismemberment of the container! No cardboard boxes for this loom. It may take longer than I thought to get this put together! Geez - and it looks like rain!
The lids off
The lids off.
The unveiling
The unveiling.
Near the end
Nearing the bottom.
30 minutes later
30 minutes later. Now you won't see more photos for awhile - as it is building time!

Basic Loom Built
The main loom has been built.  Tomorrow it's the shafts, pulleys and installing the computer dobby.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Upholstery Selvedge Rugs

The selvedges were purchased from:  Great Northern Weaving
Here's 2 photos of what these selvedges look like. You purchase them in a big pile then ball them up to use. I used rag shuttles to weave this with - a full shuttle got me about 4 inches of woven length.
Ok - the warp has been completely used up. Yes all 30 yards!  I wove these 11 rugs (most of them are 58" off of the loom, one is 97" all are 37" width.) since Sunday - 5 days. (an additional 3 rugs were woven prior to this week totaling 14 rugs). I wanted to use up all of the Upholstery Selvages and polar Fleece Strips that were taking up so much room in the storage rooms. Mission Complete.  They will not be cut apart and hemmed until this summer.

Heads up to anyone thinking they want to weave this type of rug:  The selvedges come in a plastic bag where you have to wind this glob of selvedge into balls.  (see 2nd photo).  As you do this - an enormanous amount of fuzz, lint and pieces of the selvedges end up on your floor - making a huge linty mess!  A giant thank you goes out to my husband Jim for spending a few evenings in the Studio winding balls as I sat and wove.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shaft Switching Rug Complete

Shaft Switching Rug - front
Front of Rug
Shaft Switching Rug - back
Back of Rug
This rug has been done since January with the exception of braiding the fringe on both ends. So today I decided that before I start winding my warp for Linen Swedish Lace Napkins - I had to finish the wool rug.  And so I did.
The finished size is 38" x 60".
Harrisville Rug Loom with Shaft Switching Device - 45" - 4 Harness

The rug was woven on my Harrisville Rug loom - using the shaft switching device in place of the regular harnesses that would be on the loom.
levers to be flipped