Monday, April 30, 2012

The arrival of the Toika!

Delivery Truck
1-2-3 push!
And there it sits.
At 525 pounds - the crate that the Toika loom was delivered in was quite the chore for Jim and the delivery guy. Now it sits in front of the Studio waiting for the dismemberment of the container! No cardboard boxes for this loom. It may take longer than I thought to get this put together! Geez - and it looks like rain!
The lids off
The lids off.
The unveiling
The unveiling.
Near the end
Nearing the bottom.
30 minutes later
30 minutes later. Now you won't see more photos for awhile - as it is building time!

Basic Loom Built
The main loom has been built.  Tomorrow it's the shafts, pulleys and installing the computer dobby.


  1. Woot! Great picture editorial! I'll bet you have yours together before mine! She's a beauty - take a pic of that wheel in the back - or what looks like the beam wheel. No flies on you!

  2. Beautiful! are indeed a lucky girl. What I wouldn't give for a 8 shaft Toika, except I don't want the computer bits. Love your latest loom!