Thursday, May 10, 2012

First project on the Toika

Toika's first project
I killing 2 birds with one stone today. Using up odds and ends of 5/2 and taking the Toika for its maiden run! 
The white area is plain weave and the colors are 3/1 twill. Here’s a photo from under the loom to give you a better idea. 
There will be 5 towels from this warp.  I must say - this new loom is quite awesome!  It's a Toika Eeva 24 shaft computerized loom.   


  1. LOVE those towels. What a treat to weave it would seem.

    Will have to make some for me.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Dawn, how interesting to read about how the electronic dobby works. Had to laugh about your use of the lefty and righty chants - that sounds just like something I would have to do. Your left over 5/2 warp is just lovely! I sure do love your newest loom!