Friday, May 11, 2012

The Toika Tour

I thought I'd show a few more detailed photos of the loom note that I am more acquainted with it. 
Front of Dobby Unit
This is a photo of the front of the dobby that runs the loom. This system offers three weaving modes. Fast mode closes the shed on one pick and opens the next one by pressing the pedal. Slow mode opens the shed with one press of the pedal and closes the shed with another press. Normal mode allows the weaver to keep the shed open as long as the pedal is depressed.  

Back of Dobby Box
Here is what the back of the dobby unit looks like.

The cords run out the back of the loom and down the side and are routed to an electrical outlet.

Computer running the loom
The Computer is what sends the treading sequence to the dobby which then raises and lowers the sheds.

There are no treadles or tie ups with this loom. All sheds are created with this foot pedal.

Here is a photo of the back of the loom.

A photo showing the right side of the loom.

There is not a foot controlled brake. The warp beam is controlled by turning the crank on the top. To advance the warp (I have to say to myself - lefty loosy) turn counter clockwise, to tighten, (righty tighty) turn clockwise. To advance the cloth beam you lift on the lower crank. 

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