Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Day in Boulder CO.

mcguckin hardware
First stop - mcguckin hardware, something for everyone, not just a hardware store! I could have bought a couple of really cool things but it must have been to early in the morning for Jim to start dropping money or he feared what would happened the rest of the day to the charge card - so we left empty handed.
2nd Stop:  Tour at Schacht Spindle CO.   I met Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht. Everyone there was welcoming and friendly! Untitled Untitled ready to ship
looms ready to ship
  wheel oilshuttles schacht sidekick Untitled Untitled Showroom At Schacht
Last stop of the tour - The ShowroomUntitled Untitled
3rd Stop: Boulder Arts and Crafts GalleryUntitled
We split a turkey panenni at Mickey C'sview from shuttle Spindles and Skeins
view from Shuttle Spindles and Skeins 


AND then..... Shuttle Spindles and Skeins - watch out charge card! This was a HUGE shop (2 large showrooms, and 2 classrooms). One of the nicest shops that I've been to in quite awhile. The staff were so nice - very helpful - just a wonderful stop! I can't say enough nice things about this visit. Shuttle Spindles and Skeins Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
The weaving area was spacious - room to walk around - not jam packed. Untitled
Weaving classroom. They had just finished a shawl blocking class the day before. Untitled Untitled Untitled
Last Stop for the day -  It was great meeting Deborah in person and visiting with her for a couple of hours. We brainstormed about a tension issue she was having - came up with the solution, unwound and then rewound a 7 yard warp on her Orco. She has a wonderful weaving area filled with looms, yarn and sunlight.  DSCN1776
And at the end of the day - the car had just a few things more to bring home! (notice one of Deborah's Front Range Towels - what a wonderful memory of the day spent with her.)  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I have a Flip so I was curious to see the factory.