Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our son's Wedding Day

We just got back from a drive up into the mountains (Estes Park) with our son Erik while all the girls were having "spa day" before the wedding. I myself, am not really the spa type - so spending the morning and afternoon with Erik was nice. Erik has been in Kuwait and Afghanistan for the last couple of years working as a paramedic (not military but for private contractors), so we don't get the chance to see him in person often, although FaceTime on our Mac's has made visiting every couple of weeks possible.
Estes PArk CO
We told him we'd go out for lunch where ever he wanted - and you guessed it - McDonalds was his choice. He's been in the states for about 2 weeks now and he said he's loving eating nachos and cereal. (Milk tastes like metal in Afghanistan according to him so cereal and milk are a I guess there isn't a McDonalds there either as he was pretty thrilled with a value meal.

This photo was primarily taken for the benefit of my friend Mary, as she laughs at the fact that when we travel - mcdonalds seems to be a staple for us. I just thought the photo of the beautiful mountains in the background of the golden arches was a bit ironic.  Ok - the wedding is about 2 hours from now - so we'd better get to looking the part! 
And later that day - they were married!

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