Friday, July 27, 2012

Towels from VAV Magazine (issue 3-09)

Vav Towels
Computer view
With Dark Weft
Towels on the Delta - natural weft
With Light Weft
VAV Towels
Finished Towels

My friend Mary wove 2 of these also - total of 5 were woven on this warp.

This is a 8 shaft weave.
EPI: 24
# of warp ends: 547+ 2 (doubled end warps)
Warp length: 6 yards
Width in reed: 22.8"
Weaving Width: 21.5"
Weaving length: 35" including 1.5" hems each end
Off loom measurements: 32.5" x 20.75
Washed measurements:** 29" x 18.5"
Finished (Hemmed) measurements: 27" x 19"
Made 5 towels


  1. I love these, and I like this draft so much I have just used it for some napkins which will appear on Ravelry as soon as they have been hemmed (24 hems by hand! It may just take a wee while :-/ )

  2. Very pretty towels. Think I need to invest in some VAV magazines.