Thursday, September 20, 2012

REP Runners

Rep runner 2
Warped and Ready to Weave

Rep Runner 2
The Weaving Begins

REP Runner 3
67.5” x 17.75”

51.75” x 17.75”

REP Runner 2
17.75" x 17.75"

Number of Warp ends: 570 Warp Length: 6 yardsEPI: 32Width in Reed: 17.75"Weaving width: 18.15" Warp:  8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern WeavingWeft:  8/4 poly cotton rug warp from Great Northern Weaving.  This was both the thick (8 strands) and the thin (single strand) weft of dark grey.Colors:  Charcoal, Taupe, Grey, Terra Cotta
The weft (8 strands thick) was wound on the warping reel and then directly wound off onto a narrow rag shuttle to weave with.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vavstuga 2013 Class Schedule

Vavstuga 2013 Class Listing Post Card
Vavstuga Post Card

A few days ago - I received the Vavstuga 2013 Class Schedule postcard in the mail. I called and spoke to Susan Conover, who is the Operations Manager at Vavstuga, telling her that if it would be ok, I’d gladly post a copy of the Class Schedule here on my blog since there are always weaver's stopping by!  With her permission, I am posting the schedule here. Susan did mention that registration begins this coming Wednesday September 19th.

ETA:  I'm thrilled to report that I will be attending the REP Class in July 2013!