Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How the Linen mangling was done.

White on White linen
It's so difficult to capture the sheen, luster and hand of these bleached linen on natural cotton towels. I was able to have them mangled at The Wool Gatherer's and watching the transformation of the cloth was unbelievable!
Fabric prior to mangling - It's very hard to even see the design in the cloth. 

Here is a photo of the mangle used.
sara operating the mangle
Sara (the owner of the Wool Gatherers) in the process of mangling the cloth.  Notice her jacket - she wove the fabric for it!
coming off the mangle
My towel fabric coming off the mangle.


  1. Sara is a very talented weaver and I have long admired her linen weaving. Your towels look very nice after the mangling.

  2. Yes, the difference between mangled and not-mangled linen is incredible. You can actually do it without the machinery, just need a large tube to warp the fabric round and a board to press it down with, preferably with a handle attached to the top. That makes handling easier. I am still hoping to find one of the old mangling boards in wide use here some 80 years ago.