Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 Block Turned Twill Towels

Drafts from: A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns, #164, 165, 166
I had a mystery 3 yard all white cottolin warp (572 ends only thru the lease sticks holding the cross - wound at 20 EPI)) that came on a new to me loom. I rough sleyed the ends thru the reed at 20 EPI, pulled it forward and rewound back on. Then looked for a draft that would work with what I had available, that would get me a few towels instead of cutting it off and throwing it away. It was a quick 1 shuttle weave.

Warp: 22/2 Cottolin (already on a loom I purchased) 
Weft: 22/2 Cottolin (using up partial tubes in my stash) 
Warp Length: 3 yards
8 Shaft Weave
Width in Reed: 23.5” 
Weaving Width: 22.75” 
Woven length on loom: 34” 
EPI: 24 
Number of Warp Ends: 558 + 2 FS
Hemmed, before washing measurements: 32” x 22.25” 
Washed and final measurements: 27” x 20”
loss of 20% in length 
loss of 11% in width

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