Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Sturgeon Spawn in Central Wisconsin


During mid-April to early May, Lake Sturgeon travel upstream to their spawning grounds, giving the public a prime opportunity to see these ancient fish up close.  Jim and I took advantage of this yearly event and spent much of today in Shiocton WI watching them along with 100's of others.  We saw at least 200 of them today all along the rocky shoreline. 
Sturgeon spawning is dependent on water temperature and flow. During seasons when water flow is high and water temperatures rise slowly, spawning begins when water temperature reaches 53 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, during seasons of low water flow and more rapid water temperature rise, spawning does not begin until water temperatures reach 58-59 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Wisconsin DNR was there also - tagging 61 of these Sturgeon today.  While we were there they were netting ones that measured between 59 to 67 inches.  One of the Wardens told us that the biggest sturgeon that he has tagged was 8 feet long!

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