Sunday, April 19, 2015

What's currently on the looms?

Double Width Blanket on Toika
The 48" Toika has a double width blanket wound on ready to be threaded.

The 40" Toika has 10/2 cotton wound on ready to be threaded, to weave 24 shaft linen weft towels.

The 60" Fireside Tapestry Loom has the remaining warp from the previous owner that I threaded up and am just playing with what is left on it.

ATA mentoring samplers
The 36" Fireside cantilever Tapestry Loom has a completed study of angles on it, on the right warp.   The left warp will be a study of curves and circles
The other 36" Fireside cantilever Tapestry Loom is warped and ready for a project.
It's a good feeling when all of the looms are warped with a project either in progress or planned.  Both Fireside Cantilever Tapestry looms have been brought into the house, so that I can squeak in a few minutes of weaving here and there.

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