Sunday, April 19, 2015

What's currently on the looms?

Double Width Blanket on Toika
The 48" Toika has a double width blanket wound on ready to be threaded.

The 40" Toika has 10/2 cotton wound on ready to be threaded, to weave 24 shaft linen weft towels.

The 60" Fireside Tapestry Loom has the remaining warp from the previous owner that I threaded up and am just playing with what is left on it.

ATA mentoring samplers
The 36" Fireside cantilever Tapestry Loom has a completed study of angles on it, on the right warp.   The left warp will be a study of curves and circles
The other 36" Fireside cantilever Tapestry Loom is warped and ready for a project.
It's a good feeling when all of the looms are warped with a project either in progress or planned.  Both Fireside Cantilever Tapestry looms have been brought into the house, so that I can squeak in a few minutes of weaving here and there.

Angles Sampler

Angle Study in TapestryATA mentoring samplers

Nothing earth shattering, just a angles sampler. I've been working on this with the guidance of a mentor, thru the American Tapestry Alliance within their Mentoring Program which is a 6 month commitment. This was my first exercise. Working with angles and learning how to achieve the different degree of angles. The mentoring program is an awesome benefit that can be used if desired with the membership. Finished size: 14.5" x 8.5" The next sampler on the left warp will be curves and circles.